Salina, island to be explored

Salina is the second island for the extension in the Aeolian Archipelago and the highest of the seven islands. "Fossa delle Felci" and "Monte dei Porri", now extinct volcanoes, are the reason of its ancient name Didyme, which means twins, in reference to the two peaks.

Between nature and sport

Salina is a corner of paradise where you can relax and enjoy slow rhythms, the sea, the sun and it’s the right place for sporty people.

The current one comes from the language pond from which the salt was extracted and was used for the preservation of capers and fish. It is divided into three autonomous municipalities: Santa Marina, Malfa and Leni. And there are 5 hamlets: Lingua, Rinella, Val Di Chiesa, Pollara and Torricella. In various parts of the island there are traces of a post-volcanic activity such as the phenomena called "Sconcassi", nearby Rinella, which consist of a copious emanation of gases and vapours. The exhalation, when it accentuates, determines the upheaval of the sea bottom. Thanks to its morphology, Salina presents paths that clambing on the mountains alternate breathtaking panoramas between the small slopes and the crystal clear sea. The regional natural Reserve "Monte Fossa delle Felci” and “Monte dei Porri" protects an area of 1,079 hectares on the volcanic island of Salina, in the Aeolian Archipelago (municipalities of Leni, Malfa and Santa Marina). Currently in the reserve have been activated 13 paths that, starting from the coast allow to reach the top of the volcanoes. Along these paths it is possible to observe the most characteristic aspects of the island's vegetation.

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