The sea, the undisputed protagonist of Salina

Salina is the greenest island and the contrast with the blue sea makes it particularly beautiful.

The beaches of Pollara and Rinella

In Salina you can enjoy a crystal clear sea immersed in an unspoilt nature

There are many sea areas, but the one that is adjacent to our Belvedere Hotel is that of Pollara. It is a small fishing village. It does not offer so much apart from the pier, where it docks the hydrofoil and a sandy beach, the only one on the island. The name of the village is not a case: in fact it means sand. Pollara, however, is a village of very few souls, become famous, for being the set of footage of the film "Il postino" by Massimo Troisi. The "spianata" on which it is located is the emerged part of a crater, the largest of the archipelago, with a diameter of about 1 km, sunk into the sea. From the Belvedere that overlooks it, you can see the mirror of the sea in front of the beach that has been the scene of the most famous movie theater. The green and blue of the waters are very inviting, although the descent to the beach is closed and can be reached only by sea. From above you can enjoy only the wonderful nuances of the sea and that of the turtle: a rocky prominence that is thrown in the water, with the shape of a turtle. The Aeolian people have this imaginative attitude to see in each of their sea stacks and of the rock spurs forms traceable to the animal and human world.

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