A dip into the Aeolian Islands

Sicily is a trove of treasures, like the beautiful archipelago of the Aeolian Islands: it represents a perfect synthesis for all kinds of travellers, from nature lovers, to lovers of traditions, from the incurable romantics to the most adventurous ones.

Eolie: Seven islands that will steal your heart!

Those who arrive to the Aeolian Islands remain fascinated by the undisputed beauty and the deep serenity that people feel, when the hydrofoil docks on these shores.

he suggestive Stromboli, the most northern island of the archipelago, seems to come afloat from the past with its fascinating volcano, "Iddu", in fervor and sheer on the sea. The green of the palms, the black of the beaches, the blue of the sea, the white of the houses and the orange of the citrus groves offer a blaze of colors, admirable even from the summit of the volcano. The island, in fact, is suitable for trekking enthusiasts, who have the opportunity to admire from the top of Stromboli the islands at night and the skiing of fire. The pride of the island is the Strombolicchio: a small islet of volcanic origin, thrown on the sea during a violent eruption many years ago.

The sophisticated Panarea is the island of VIPs, the one which never sleeps. Its enchanting 3.5 square kilometers qualify it as an ideal destination for those who love to dance all night long, to frequent locals and restaurants of great appeal. During the day you can lose yourself in the alleys of Panarea, admire the characteristic white houses lapped by purple bougainvillea, savour the skilful granita with the taste of Malvasia and of caper, or stroll among the pebbles by the sea. Panarea is surrounded by beautiful islets that emerge on a blue, crystalline and striking sea: Basiluzzo, Cala Junco, Lisca Bianca, Dattilo, Bottaro e Lisca Nera, every summer Panarea becomes the favourite lounge for VIPs and celebrities.

Located on the south west site of Panarea, Lipari is the largest of the Aeolian Islands and represents the perfect compromise for the lovers of fun, relaxation and even culture. As soon as you arrive at Marina Corta tourist port, you will feel like you have arrived in a small town because of its liveliness, the abundant presence of tourists, locals and shops. In fact, Lipari is the ideal destination for families, lovers of rest and that for young people, looking for fun. Praia di Vinci, Canneto and Acquacalda are the beaches that fascinate tourists for the massive presence of pumice stone that colours the seabed of a pure white. Of considerable historical and cultural attraction is the museum of Lipari, eloquent testimony of the various civilizations that have enriched the patrimony of the Sicilian archipelago.

Situated on a short distance from Lipari, you will find the charming yellow pearl, the island of Vulcano. Its particularly romantic atmosphere makes it an ideal destination for those who prefer the uncrowded places and want a very relaxing stay. The yellow of the lava stone contrasts with the black beaches, so called for the colour of the sand of volcanic origin. On the island you will surely be able to achieve a psychophysical equilibrium thanks to the mud zone, where every day thousands of tourists immerse themselves to obtain benefits for the skin, the bones and the respiratory tract. The flagship of the Island is the majesty of the still active volcano, reachable on foot by trekking lovers, from which you can admire the painting of sea and sky and the six islands on the background.

Alicudi and Filicudi, the twin islands, are located in the westernmost part of the archipelago, a couple of hours by hydrofoil from the other islands. They are wonderful oases and unmissable for their unspoilt nature, which makes them undisturbed and immaculate. Here, you get lost and then find yourself at the same time. The small pearls nestled in the Tyrrhenian Sea offer picturesque villages that will make you fall in love and hardly forget. The beaches of rare beauty deserve to be visited by boat, passing along the coasts and the famous Canna of Filicudi, a sea stack of basaltic rock about 70 meters high.

A dip of love into the island of Salina

A natural reserve that enchants with its two "sisters" volcanic peaks, a green oasis that smells of broom and that offers tourists beautiful painted landscapes that will leave you breathless.

Salina is the second island by extension after Lipari, and it is made of three distinct municipalities: Leni, Malfa and Santa Marina, where they live just over two thousand inhabitants. Salina is the focal point of the Aeolian Archipelago, well connected to the remaining islands. As soon as you arrive to Santa Marina, you will be intrigued by a funny bellied gentleman, known as the "cestaio", who weaves wicker baskets for whole days. A scene out of time that allows tourists to know and get passionate about the ancient Sicilian traditions. The square in Santa Marina is rich in premises, facilities for the lovers of comfort and shops with typical Aeolian products: capers, Malvasia and the superb "pani cunzatu".
The island of Salina also offers more secluded corners, with a less mundane and more suggestive appearance: the naturalistic paths of Monte Fosse delle Felci offer lush vegetation and a splendid panorama from which to admire the entire Aeolian archipelago. A sensorial experience that will surely stay impressed in your memory.

IThe sea is no doubt the undisputed protagonist in Salina. The small beach of Rinella is ideal for families, situated in the municipality of Leni, very close to our Hotel. The beach of Scario is an additional attraction for tourists who, renting inflatable mattresses, have the possibility to relax observing the blue sea and the lush surrounding nature. The beach of Pollara is located beneath a steep cliff that has the form of an amphitheatre, in the municipality of Malfa, characterized by a steep staircase that crosses the house of "Il Postino", where the homonymous film was set. For this reason every summer Salina hosts the documentary festival, called "Salina Doc Fest", to which they take part of the show's characters with the purpose of spreading the cinema on the islands. Salina is an elegant island comparable to a lady with old habits, is welcoming as it is a mother with her children and is friendly comparable to a true friend. It is therefore the ideal destination for those who travel with the family, in pairs or with friends, for the lovers of nature trails, for sports enthusiasts, for those who love to escape from the routine of the metropolis and for those who love more lively contexts.

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