Capers and Malvasia are the tasty treasures of Salina

At the Aeolian Islands capers end up in every dish, as the Malvasia ends in each glass. A rich gastronomic tradition that, through tasting paths, enhances and makes known, together with the wonderful landscapes, another of the great riches of this island.

Salina, a SLOW island

Capers and Malvasia!

The caper, of Salina, Slow Food Presidium, has an ancient history dating back to Hippocrates, Aristotle and Pliny the Elder. The attention to the caper plant has undergone a considerable reduction. The cultivation, which is not mechanized, is very tiring because of the conformation of the plant and it is demanding, as the bud harvested is subjected to salting. The capers are alternated with layers of coarse salt in kegs and are "cured", that means, racked in stalks, every day, to be ready after one month from their harvest. The island of Salina is known because it represents the area of greater production of Malvasia with controlled origins. It is a raisin wine, considered the pince product of the agricultural economy of the Aeolian Islands. Dating back to the Greeks, it is one of the oldest wines in Sicily that combines food and wine with tradition. The Malvasia, known as "Nectar of the Gods", is a wine with an intense aroma and a sweet taste, golden yellow or amber colour. It is served fresh at 8 °-12 ° and usually accompanies, at the end of the meal, the desserts like the Piparelle, a crunchy biscuit with almonds (similar to the Tuscan Cantuccio) that contains honey and caramelized sugar or the pickled. Capers and Malvasia are the usual protagonists in aperitifs and dinners, in perfect Aeolian style, that we serve at the Hotel Al Belvedere Salina.

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