Sensorial Aperitifs

The moment of the aperitif in Salina is an experience that contains other thousands...

A romantic atmosphere for the aperitif with the sea view

Enjoy a romantic happy hour looking at a beautiful panorama painted by the reddish light of the sunsets

The terrace, the sea, the sun that sets behind Alicudi and Filicudi, a sweet music will accompanies it while the sky is tinged with a thousand colors and the sea reflects its nuances. In the air the scent of crostini, pate, smoked cheeses and wines... An experience that contains other thousand of them, every day different because different is the sunset, different each season, because different are the products that accompany it, because different is also the music, because the sea can give you its own with a whole of them together with the wind.
Our tradition is a ritual that can restore the senses through the flavors of Sicily and Salina.

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